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Change Log

  • Hoax - a free spinning haunted house ride, it can fit in the smallest spaces with its tight track that twists and turns to thrill your guests
  • Huntsman - Planet Coaster's first ever motion platform ride. This ride is uniquely designed by the way it rotates on an axis. Wow your guests with this fitting ride for the spooky theme set
    • The Huntman's yaw, pitch and roll can be controlled as it goes around the track in the track Utility Settings panel
  • Spooky Witch Hat - for avatars and can be sold in the Hat's Fantastic shop
  • Spooky Skull Hat - for avatars and can be sold in the Hat's Fantastic shop
  • King Ghoster - the ghoulish new Spooky entertainer
  • 227 scenery items - including 46 animated items, 18 special effects, 31 scenery items with billboard functions and 2 path extras
  • 124 building pieces
  • A host of new audio - including 7 music tracks, 18 sound ambiences and more than 70 sound effects

New Coasters

  • In-Descent - This rapid steel shuttle roller coaster isn’t for the faint hearted, this ride will leave your guests breathless
    • The In-Descent coaster has different variations of the tunnel piece, found in the track Utility Settings

Coaster and Tracked Ride Blueprints

  • Spire of Shock - In-Descent Coaster blueprint
  • The Jailer's Den - Hoax Track Ride blueprint
  • The Witch's Haunt - Huntsman Track Ride blueprint

New Scenery

  • Stone Slab Path and Stone Slab Queue added
  • Two new fonts added for signs with Editable Text - UncialAntiqua and UnifrakturMaguntia
  • Added a new content pack filter for Spooky to the Scenery and Building browsers


  • The Hat's Fantastic shop facility can now sell DLC hats, if the player owns them

Ride/Coaster Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Added a new Game option for Coaster Friction Controls
    • Enabling this option provides a slider on coasters to control the friction of the track
  • Fixed an issue where the tweaky tool would not disappear when editing Boomerang coasters
  • Removed the requirement to test transport rides
  • Transport rides can have trains added without having to close the ride
  • Improved the LODs on Tiamat catwalk stairs
  • Improved functionality of multiple passes through the Viper One station

Scenery Bug Fixes

  • Streetlamps and Lamposts now correctly turn off during the day

Audio Bugs and Improvements

  • Improved the responsiveness of the following coasters:
    • Steel Vengeance
    • Bakasura
    • Black Falcon
    • Rival
    • Trident
    • Equalizer
    • Sprint 500
    • Cloud Runner
    • Dragon
    • Wendigo
    • Rage
    • Torque
    • Malice Unchained
  • New sound effects
    • 10 new sound effects and 1 new ambience tailored for the In-Descent coaster, demonstrated in the Spire of Shock blueprint

Ein Thema, bei dem euch die Haare zu Berge stehen! Freut euch auf spuk-takuläre neue übernatürliche Inhalte in Planet Coaster und jagt euren Gästen mit Überraschungen hinter jeder dunklen Ecke einen ordentlichen Schrecken ein! Neue Fahrgeschäfte, gruselige Szenerieobjekte und mehr! Verwandelt euren Park in ein Meisterstück des Grusels!

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