Planet Coaster 2 Coming Fall 2024

Planet Coaster 2 Coming Fall 2024

Calling all thrill-seekers and water park fanatics! Planet Coaster 2, the Ultimate theme park AND water park creative management simulation game, is pulling into the launch station

Sculpt the theme park of your dreams and dive into the exciting world of combined water and coaster parks in Planet Coaster 2! Build incredible water rides, glistening swimming pools, towering rollercoasters and more as you ensure your guests get soaked in fun!

Push the boundaries of creativity with brand new rides, refreshed favourites, exciting themes, and a cast of wonderful mascots that will leave your guests shouting for more! Piece-by-piece construction lets you build anything you can imagine, from a beach-themed splash zone to a tropical paradise with lazy rivers. Add scenery to your park and rides to create truly unique and breath-taking creations. Now featuring updated path-building and a fan favourite request…plazas!

Planet Coaster 2 - Screenshot 06

New management features allow you to keep your guests thrilled! Oversee everything from ride maintenance to park cleanliness, ensuring guest safety and maximizing delight. Heat maps visually highlight issues within your parks. Focus on fixing, maintaining and replacing old rides, whilst ensuring your guests experience the best comfort in the sun with sunscreen and shade, and in the rain, with wide open umbrellas! 

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Friendship fuels the fun! Build with other players – one park manager at a time –, share your park with the world, explore other people’s creations, compete with friends in Franchise mode, or just browse the incredible creations in our vibrant Frontier Workshop. Build with friends in both Sandbox and Franchise mode, and experience walking around in our new first-person point of view – you'll feel like you're truly there!

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Planet Coaster 2 will be coming in the Fall of 2024! Wishlist now on Steam, Epic, Xbox X/S and PlayStation 5.

So... Are you ready to create a splash?

Planet Coaster 2