Thememaker's Toolkit coming 20 November!

Thememaker's Toolkit coming 20 November!

Recently we announced the launch of the Thememaker's Toolkit, a new pipeline system for turning your 3D creations into Planet Coaster scenery items! We know you've been eagerly awaiting more information on this update and we are excited to reveal that the Thememaker's Toolkit will be launching on: 

20 November 2018

The Thememaker's Toolkit is a free update and will allow you to upload 3D files created in 3D modelling programs (we currently support Autodesk® Maya, Blender and Autodesk® 3ds Max) and convert them into small bespoke items that can be used as scenery pieces in Planet Coaster. These can be later downloaded and placed in your Planet Coaster theme parks, or used as building blocks to make even more amazing piece-by-piece creations. You'll also be able to share all of your bespoke creations with the community for everyone to enjoy via the Steam workshop.

You can learn more about the Toolkit here with our Developer Guide - this guide will be continuously updated with improvements and information about the Toolkit. We've also updated the FAQ here.

Also, be sure to tune in for a special Thememaker's Toolkit deep dive livestream on 21 November at 7pm UTC. Community Manager Chanté will be talking to developers Joe Maddox and Sam Denney as they go through the workings of the Toolkit and answer as many questions as they can.

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