Beginner Tips & Tricks

Beginner Tips & Tricks

Unleash your creativity with Planet Coaster: Console Edition! We're sharing some of our best tips for beginners to help you get started in building the park of your dreams. Build and manage your very own coaster park, choosing rides, coasters, and scenery that will keep your guests happy and (hopefully!) turn a profit.

Play Through The Tutorial!

Whether you're totally new to Planet Coaster or you've played on PC previously, we'd very much recommend playing through the tutorial mode, which covers all the basics you'll need to manage your parks effectively. You'll learn the controls, basics in guest and staff management, how to build rides, and the menu system, which will make building your parks a much smoother process! Find it under 'Oswald's Park Practice' in the Career Mode menu!

Planet Coaster: Console Edition - Tutorial

Start Small

When you first build your park, you might just be tempted to build big attractions or spread out your park, but that can land you in serious trouble! It's best to start with a few rides that generate steady income, and keep them close together so you can make sure your guests have a good variety of facilities, services, and shops available to them as your park grows. A word to the wise - make sure there are plenty of bins around, your guests will have no reservations about littering if they can't find any!

Planet Coaster: Console Edition

Blueprints Are Your Friend!

If you're in need of some inspiration or feel a little overwhelmed with the building possibilities that Planet Coaster offers, blueprints could be just what you need to kickstart your coaster park! These are premade builds which offer a combination of rides and scenery, to create the best possible experience for your guests, and can therefore be hugely helpful in turning a profit early in your parks' life. Each of the Planet Coaster: Console Edition DLCs also come with their own exciting new blueprints and rides!

Planet Coaster: Console Edition - Blueprint

Sharing Is Caring

Speaking of blueprints, if you've created a build you're incredibly proud of, you can share it with other PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 players by uploading it as a blueprint to the Frontier Workshop, right from your console! You can also browse the Frontier Workshop and discover creations by other players, from scenery items to whole parks!

Planet Coaster: Console Edition

Your Guests Know Best… Most Of The Time

When it comes to running a successful park, your guests know what they want, and they aren't afraid to tell you their thoughts! Make sure to use the Guests view in the Park Management menu to keep an eye on how your guests are feeling about your park in general; this will tell you their thoughts on your pricing, facility availability, and ride variety, as well as the average guest needs, so it's an important screen to check every so often if you want to keep guests happy! This view will also reveal the demographics of visitors to your park, which will help you decide which rides to place, which facilities to prioritise, and, eventually, where to spend your marketing money!

Planet Coaster: Console Edition - Guests

We hope you've found our tips to help you get your first coaster up and running helpful, we're sure you'll be creating astounding parks in no time!

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