Studios Pack

Change Log

  • Big Screen Tour - the Hollywood backlot tour experience comes to Planet Coaster with a powered track ride bringing park guests face-to-face with your cinematic spectacles. This electrically powered tour buses can double up as a transport or tracked ride, the bus length can be changed from single car buses to multi-car buses
  • Re-Motion - is a modern simulator-style tracked ride. The ride has an adjustable robotic arm holding the seats which allow the seats to be moved freely in all directions. Use parabolic video screens to create an immersive dark ride experience
  • Horror Heights - scream in terror in this classic multi-drop tower that has been designed to work inside Planet Coaster’s buildings. A chilling and thrilling accelerated drop tower dark ride for fearless guests
  • 127 character animatronics - from 19 different characters
  • 81 vehicle items - including 38 vehicle animations
  • 60 building items - including boutique and commercial wall pieces, lighting scaffolding, gloss tiles and stucco columns
  • 24 animated scenery items - including animated lights, breaking glass windows and parabolic screens
  • 85 static scenery items - including studio back lot and city props
  • 20 special effects - including electricity arcs, huge explosions, blowing dust, drifting embers and glass smashing
  • 19 scenery blueprints - including facilities, city film sets, special effects centrepieces and a radioactive shark tank
  • New audio - including 6 music tracks, 24 placeable ambiences and 78 triggerable SFX including lines from our very special guest Ben Venn from the Special Effect "Your Voice in Planet Coaster" auction
  • Police Hat - for avatars and can be sold in the Hat's Fantastic shop

New Features for all players

  • Hotels - a home away from home for your guests
    • Combine the foyer with standard and luxury rooms for your guests
    • Hotels allow guests to rest and return to the park after an allotted time - this will create a temporary boost to the number of guests in a park that goes above its normal park rating allowance
    • Hotels have a slew of perks that bolster their effectiveness in specific ways and increase their overall prestige
    • Hotel prestige is also boosted by nearby scenery
    • Hotel perks become less effective when the hotel has not been cleaned by a janitor
  • Triggerable Flexicolour - perfect for dance floors, pulsing dark rides or light shows
    • Any object that can be triggered and has custom colours (flexicolour) on it can now be triggered to change its colour
    • Use ride triggers or the display sequencer and link an object to change its colour
    • Trigger a particular colour, return the object to its original colour or momentarily swap to a particular colour
    • A flexicolour trigger can change multiple colours at a time
    • Colours can swap immediately or in a fade between colours
    • Save your creations in blueprints and upload them to the Steam Workshop
  • Path Tunneling - two new modes in the path editor are now available
    • Flatten Terrain forces terrain around the path to sit against it. This is perfect for undulating terrain or creating tunnels flush against the path
    • Tunneling creates a radius around the path (like coaster tunneling). This is perfect for cutting tunnels below the terrain
    • A camera light has been added for navigating your tunnels. The default key is 'L'
  • Triggerable Time Of Day - set the time of day on trigger
    • Set the time of day in the Ride Cam Time Machine
    • Link the Ride Cam Time Machine to a ride, coaster or display sequencer
    • The time of day changes in the camera view of the ride, coaster or display so your whole park isn't affected
    • Change the time instantly or fade over time
  • Stopping pieces for the following powered tracked rides
    • Main Game: Light Line, Luna Autos, Magic Katz, Sleigh Ride, Connie Express, Iron Horse
    • Spooky Pack: Huntsman
    • Adventure Pack: Island Adventure, Land Ahoy
    • Studios Pack: Big Screen Tour, Re-Motion
    • Excitement, Fear and Nausea reduce when stopped - link triggerable scenery to the ride to increase the Excitement

New Scenery for all players

  • Added transparent glass windows in various sizes
  • Added colourable panels in various sizes
  • Added 4 new materials of asphalt and concrete to the Custom Biome selection
  • Added a host of simulator ride style videos, made in parks by some of our best community creators


  • 6 hotel blueprints for Planet Coaster, Riviera, Western and Fairytale


  • Added a scenery category for Vehicles under Props
  • Added a duplicate on multi-select
    • You cannot duplicate rides or multiple buildings
  • By request, Transport rides can now be tested again
  • Added a prestige decline rate setting to the Scenario Editor

Ride/Coaster Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where custom text could not be enabled for the Island Adventure and Land Ahoy! rides
  • Improved track collision on the Land Ahoy! ride
  • Fixed an issue where chain lift block sections would not slow high speed coaster trains
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a special track piece with the tunnel option would cause regular pieces to have the same tunnel
  • Fixed an issue where coaster cars could be changed while the ride was broken down
  • Fixed an issue where water would appear in the base of the Land Ahoy! ride at certain angles
  • Improved the propeller animation on the Land Ahoy! ride
  • Improved the wheel animation on the Land Ahoy! ride
  • Improved the tunnel size on the Land Ahoy! ride
  • mproved the wheel animation on the Gold Fever coaster
  • Tweaked the profitability of transport rides with only one station
  • Gold Fever cars now swing when placed on other track types

Scenery Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some stucco building pieces were missing custom colours
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Play every X' option was missing for some special effects
  • Updated the disclaimer on the Gulpee advertising video to match their revised brand guidelines
  • Fixed an issue where the Adventure Hippo animatronics would clip with their base
  • Improved icons some Adventure scenery items
  • Fixed an issue where the Adventure Truck Chassis lights would not be visible during the day
  • Moved the Adventure Fire Bowl to Props -> Misc in the Scenery browser
  • Improved the colision on Adventure statue pieces
  • Improved the naming of Adventure scenery pieces
  • Improved the snapping points on Adventure statue pieces
  • Improved the placement of coaster doors from Adventure
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Play every X' option would only play once
  • Fixed an issue where the Ancient Trap Poison Dart Block did not shoot poison darts
  • Fixed an issue where triggers were not working correctly for the 'Blowing Snow Dust' special effect
  • Fixed an issue where the Roof Balustrade building items had become silver
  • Improved the shop layout of the Adventure Chief Beef blueprint
  • Improved the shop layout of the Adventure Cosmic Cow blueprint
  • Fixed an issue where the number of tags for a blueprint could always be filled automatically
  • Fixed an issue where Adventure blueprints did not come with Vendor staff

UI Bug Fixes

  • Improved the resolution of DLC logos in the menus
  • Fixed an issue where setting coaster friction to certain values would reset the value
  • Fixed an issue where right clicking would not cancel the placement of staff members
  • Fixed an issue where friction options would not disappear when disabled in the options menu
  • Toilets, First Aid and Staff Buildings are now properly represented in work rosters
  • Fixed an issue where editing text fields could open other parts of the UI
  • Improved the tags on some Shops and Facilities blueprints
  • Improved the search for 'Editable Text' signs

Staff, Guests and Facilities Bug Fixes

  • Improved the way scenery score is calculated for the Staff Building
  • Fixed an issue where Information facility did not have the option to set an advertising destination
  • Vista Points can now be selected as advertising destinations
  • Tropical tastebuds rejoice - Hawaiian pizzas sold at Pizza Pen can now also have Pineapple Pieces added to them
  • General stability fixes and improvements
  • Improved the interaction of the camera at edges of the park
  • Fixed an issue where guests would not drop litter on picnic tables
  • Improved the icons for FX17 balloons in guest inventories
  • Fixed an issue where guests would produce thoughts while the game was paused
  • Improved the icons for Gulpee soda cans in guest inventories
  • Instructed adult male guests on how to hold a mobile phone when taking pictures at Vista Points
  • Security Guards have had some team building training and will now pass their chase onto a collegue in a more favourable position
  • Fixed an issue where staff would produce thoughts of being under or overworked despite having perks from a Staff Building
  • Fixed an issue where undoing the placement of a shop would leave a Vendor behind
  • Fixed an issue where locked items in career or scenario parks could not be selected for work rosters

Audio Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Coriolis lapbar had no audio events
  • Fixed an issue where some special effects from Adventure and Knight Rider were missing audio

You are the director! Create legendary moments and epic scenes with the new Planet Coaster Studios Pack. Build the ultimate backlot tour and bring the blockbuster experience to life with spectacular stunts, dramatic effects and rides that put park guests in the heart of the action. Featuring Hollywood props, movie set backdrops and action-packed animatronics, the Studios Pack unlocks an all-new theme park adventure.

Requires Planet Coaster game (sold separately)

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