The Munsters’® Munster Koach Construction Kit

Change Log

New Rides

  • Coriolis - This exciting ride, usually found in travelling fairs, can be enjoyed by children, adults and teens. Boasting classic styling and elegantly painted panels, the Coriolis combines exhilarating action with beautiful aesthetics. The ride consists of several four-seat cars, connected by arms to a central hub, each of which can move independently. While the arms spin, the entire ride can tilt for extra thrills.

New Coasters

  • Manic Mouse - Coasters don't have to take up a lot of space to offer thrills. ‘Wild Mouse’ coasters delight passengers with tight, unbanked bends that, when taken at moderate speed, generate high lateral g-forces. Cars also have a 'free spin' feature, locked and unlocked at various points along the track, that allows cars to twirl as they travel. The coaster also features bunny hops for short bursts of airtime.

New Content

  • Added support for DLC scenery and rides
  • "Back to the Future™ Time Machine Construction Kit" now available
  • "Knight Rider™ KITT Construction Kit" now available
  • "Munsters® Munster Koach Construction Kit" pack now available

Coaster Blueprints

  • 'Hoax' - Power Up coaster blueprint
  • 'Woodfalls' - Gnarler coaster blueprint
  • 'Wrangler' - Viper One coaster blueprint
  • 'Mousey Antics' - Manic Mouse coaster blueprint


  • Added 'Snap Point Placement' option when moving items, which will use snap points of the object if it has them
  • Added snap points to 'Basic Burger Bottom', 'Basic Burger Patty', 'Basic Burger Veg' and 'Basic Burger Top' scenery items
  • Added snap points to 'Ice Cream Cone', 'Ice Cream Scoop' and 'Ice Cream Sauce' scenery items


  • Improved notifications for ineffective rides and stalls

Ride/Coaster Bug Fixes

  • Stopped the Mechanic sliding about when inspecting a ride

Scenery Bug Fixes

  • Updated the Dragon Lamp thumbnail to better represent the scenery item
  • Custom biomes are no longer completely black on lower graphics settings
  • Fixed the terrain displaying as black when using Custom Biomes with low quality graphics presets
  • Fixed an issue where the link between Triggered Speakers and their parent would be lost
  • Flood Lights in blueprints no longer provide only white light

UI Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where locked Display Sequencers would not allow you to view their Display Cameras
  • Improved the filters for terrain paint styles in the Custom Biome screen

Take a walk in the park with America’s first family of fright in The Munsters Construction Kit for Planet Coaster.

The Munsters’ Munster Koach Construction Kit features in-game replicas of the Munster Koach and the DRAG-U-LA drag racer from The Munsters’ episode ‘Hot Rod Herman’ and The Munsters’ 1966 movie ‘Munster, Go Home!’

With The Munsters Construction Kit both cars will available in-game as go-kart racers, 1:1.2 scale scenery pieces and 1:1.8 scale ‘kitbash’ models which can be disassembled and re-assembled however you choose. The Munsters Construction kit also includes a branded logo sign and bonus animated FX pieces.

Take a trip to 1313 Mockingbird Lane in Planet Coaster today!

*Requires Planet Coaster game (sold separately)

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