You are the boss in the most sophisticated coaster park simulation game ever

The most sophisticated park simulation in gaming history makes management fun. Control every aspect of your park and see your guests react in an instant as you build your coaster empire. Each guest is an expressive individual who thinks, feels and explores your park with their own interests, desires and cash in their pocket. Together your guests tell you at a glance just how well you’re doing.

The guests

Planet Coaster is the most sophisticated coaster park simulation ever - each visitor has their own ‘guest brain’, making them an expressive individual who thinks, feels and explores your park with their own interests, desires and money. They even have their own language.

Sophisticated behaviour

This revolutionary brain lets your park guests individually react to every change you make like never before. Their sophisticated behavior combines with the limitless creative and strategic customization available and unparalleled range of high-quality coasters, rides and themed scenery from the community’s top creators to set a new standard of coaster park gameplay experience.

Help your park flourish

Anything and everything you change has an effect on your guests’ perceptions of your park. From the tiniest ride queue decoration to the grandest of themed parks in the most spectacular landscape; from the price you charge for a single ride to how you ease guest flow using paths and transport rides; where you choose to place your rides, shops and ATMs; how you deploy and motivate your staff - all combine to help your park flourish.

You’re the boss

Surprise and delight your guests with your park and its attractions, nourish them with refreshments, offer them fabulous souvenirs at gift shops, care for sick visitors at first aid stations and run a park that meets everyone’s needs.

Challenge yourself

Make full use of R&D, loans and marketing campaigns to test your entrepreneurial skills in Challenge mode, complete unique scenarios and rise through the ranks in Career mode, or build without limits in Sandbox mode.

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