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FREE Spring Update is here

Planet Coaster's free Spring Update is officially live! Get the lowdown on the latest update including new scenery, blueprints, security for your park and more! Here are some highlights of what you can find in your game as of now:

With an array of new scenery and blueprints to choose from, you can get even more creative than before – customise your Missy Good donut shops with custom signs, or make your Go-Karts track extra epic by decorating with flags and road symbols. There are over 150 new pieces including animatronics, fencing, and security cameras! What’s more, the function to disable collision for scenery, flat rides, and coasters has been added to your settings; you can disable each of these separately in your menu!

We’re also introducing three new flat rides to the family: the Zozo, Elixir Machine, and Big Wheel. Theme them with the new scenery pieces and show us some of those amazing ride skins you create!

As for tracked rides, get ready to race with the all-new Go-Karts! Create your own custom tracks from scratch, theme them as you please, and have your guests burn rubber as they speed across the roads! There are between 12 and 20 uniquely numbered cars and each race will have a different result.

If you’re more of a coaster fiend, you’re in luck too! As shown in last week’s livestream, THREE new coasters are ready to be built by you! The Steel Hydra, a swinging, suspended family coaster that has a unique elegance as it travels around its track; the Bakasura, an inverted shuttle coaster which gives guests an awesome experience of riding the coaster backwards and forwards along the same track; and the Trident, a classic shuttle coaster with a unique catch-car system that lifts the car backwards from the station and releases from up high.
We’re introducing duelling coasters: you can link up to five coasters together and have them duel it out on the tracks!

Security! Pickpockets and vandals can now roam your park and bother your guests, so it’s up to you to keep everyone happy and safe. And don’t worry: we’re giving you the tools to do just that!

If your parks are overcrowded and without any security measures, pickpockets will pay you a visit. They sneak up on guests and take their belongings, causing a drop in guest happiness and park ratings. To counteract this, hire our newest staff member, the Security Guard, to patrol your paths and catch those pesky pickpockets before they leave the park – because if they do, they will call upon their immoral friends and soon your park will be infested with crime. Aside from security guards and patrol zones, you can install security cameras to discourage people from committing crimes.

Unfortunately for you, it doesn’t stop there... if you fail to keep your guests happy, fed, or well rested, they might turn into vandals themselves. If your guests’ needs drop below a certain threshold, their cries for attention are no longer peaceful; they will demolish your park until you address their issues, or of course until a security guard tells them off. Failing to tend to your guests will result in dropping ratings, and a certainly costly fine to repair the damage they’ve done...

Ride prestige has been completely revamped and has its own tab within the ride info panel. You now have the option to re-brand a ride with a new name, which will return its age to Established – this will increase the time it takes for a ride to become a Classic, so choose and time wisely! We’ve also added a beautiful Ride Reputation timeline which visualises the aging process and effects to its prestige.

Test all these new additions to the game’s management in three completely new, funky Scenarios: Chief Beef’s Raceway, Oak Island, and Downtown. Do also check out the many improvements regarding bug fixes, browser and search options, and UI.

Uploading your blueprints to the Steam Workshop has become even greater: the maximum size is going up from 2,000 to 4,000 pieces per blueprint! You can now include flat rides AND their entrance/exit stations as well, and up to five rides per blueprint can be included. All of these together can now be multi-selected and moved around along with your scenery pieces and buildings, making it ultra-easy to drag and place themed areas or rotate them around.

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