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Get ready for the Planet Coaster Beta!

We hope you’re as excited as we are for the Planet Coaster Beta release! It’s been an incredible journey so far and we’ve loved sharing it together with this amazing community: from news articles to dev dairies, from livestreams to open play weekends, you were always the first to witness all the amazing features coming to the game. The Planet Coaster development team have worked so hard (high fives to all of them) and we’re very thankful that you, our beloved community, have joined us for the ride and helped us shape the game through Alpha.

The release of the Beta will mean that, next to all of our loyal Alpha players, we will have an influx of new community members playing the game. Everyone who has pre-ordered or won a code for the Thrillseeker Edition will be able to play once we go live this afternoon. We will be updating this thread throughout the day to let you know exactly when it all happens, so be sure to check in regularly. Remember that all communications regarding Planet Coaster and the Beta will come from official channels and the community team only!

The Beta will include the majority of core game features and its purpose is to balance and adjust gameplay. You will have two Scenarios available to you (with the remainder being released at launch on November 17), as well as a host of new features including the new content, management, and creative features we’ve shown over the past couple of weeks and so much more; you will have a lot to play around with during the next few weeks, and please share your new Workshop items with us as well – we’d love to see you get creative with all the Beta content and we can’t wait to see what parks you create, manage, and share!

We do still want to keep you on your toes by saving a little extra for launch on November 17! Aside from the remaining Scenarios, you’re going to be treated to even more additions such as Rolling River, Chair-O-Plane, Tiki Chicken and Miss Elly entertainers and the balloon shop!

If you haven’t already claimed your Steam key, the details of how to do so are here. Also, as a reminder for all of you who have an Early Bird version, you will need to claim your Thrillseeker code separately since it counts as a different Steam product.

Just as with previous steps within Planet Coaster’s development, your feedback is absolutely vital to us. Please do make sure that you send us your thoughts, concerns, and report bugs so that we can make the final release version the best it can possibly be.

You can report Beta bugs here.

You can give your feedback here.

So, in short: keep an eye on our official channels today for live updates about the Beta release, and please send us all your feedback and bug reports. If you have any issues with your codes, contact our fantastic Customer Support team who are always happy to help here.

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