World's Fair Pack DLC coming 16 October!

World's Fair Pack DLC coming 16 October!

Our world is full of beauty and culture, so what better way to celebrate that by taking a theme park trip around the world?

Inspired by real-world theme parks and celebrating global cultures, the World's Fair Pack will introduce you to 10 fabulous new brands from around the world; each of these brands brings with it some giant and regular food signs, vending machines, and traditional wall-sets including shop panels, doors, and roof pieces from that part of the world, such as Mediterranean or renaissance architecture. Each new brand comes with a dedicated new shop for your guests to grab food from. There's also a host of new cultural props, fences, path extras, and character hats.

The World's Fair Pack also features two new coasters and a ride! The Jixxer and Interceptor are a dueling duo of launched motorcycle coasters with a high-speed hydraulic launched track and riders leaning into the corners as they embark on a crazy motorcycle race! The Polarity is an unmanned rapid transport system using magnetic forces to propel the train forward at great speed. It has a unique and flexible track system with a futuristic feel.

The World's Fair Pack will launch alongside our recently announced free update 1.8 on October 16, 2018! You can get it from Steam or the Frontier Store at £7.99 ($10.99, €10.99). Please note that you need to have the Planet Coaster base game in order to download and play this extra content.

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