Thank you so much for 200,000 Workshop items!

Thank you so much for 200,000 Workshop items!

We've hit 200,000 Workshop items on our Steam Workshop! What an amazing achievement for you all, this lovely community!

We can't thank you enough for continuously sharing your creations in Planet Coaster; from crooked mushroom houses to the craziest of coasters, we can't get enough of your creativity.

As a thank you, and to celebrate YOU, we've created this highlights video for you all to enjoy.

Thanks again for all the support; we can't wait to see what else you'll build, create, and share.

Love from the Planet Coaster Team

Featured in the video, in order of appearance:

  • Floating Island - WormGar
  • Deadly Romance – Ambrose
  • Confectionary Corner – Swiss
  • Night of Damnation - FSF Ranger
  • Le Serpent Rouge – Xaphor
  • Fantasy Crooked Staff House – Whitesider
  • Mahkee’s Medieval / Fantasy Scenery Home – Hellgan
  • Sci-fi Madness Park – Imper_
  • Wicker Man - operateur
  • Rudis Camel Kingdom - RudiRennkamel
  • Jungle Fountain – Coastercad
  • Wisteria and Lilac Grandhotel – Anigmandra
  • Wimshurst Machine – AdriaanVanS
  • Fountain – ThomasDoorn95
  • Fountain – bram.boonen1
  • Iceberg Hotel – Floss
  • Fish Food – DeadEyeDuck
  • Mad Scientist Workshop – Wikz
  • Mad Mining Corporation – AdriaanVanS
  • Qakon and Qisir – PixelWess89
  • Post Apocalyptic lighthouse monte leone flat ride – Masceline
  • Flowery Modern Fountain – aritario
  • Shadow of the Colossus - riddlerrevange75
  • Crazy Hotel - Whitesider
  • Hot Dog Stand – RaYneMan

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