Thememaker's Toolkit coming soon to Planet Coaster

Thememaker's Toolkit coming soon to Planet Coaster

The Thememaker's Toolkit is a pipeline system for 3D models to be added as scenery items to your parks. It is a free feature we have been working on for a while now, and will truly challenge players who'd love to try their hand at creating all-new items for their parks! Skilled artists within the community will be able to create a host of items such as a sci-fi spacecraft, or an amazingly crafted piece of foliage. The Thememaker's Toolkit will give you the ability to bring your 3D models to life and share them with everyone.

This much-requested community feature will make its way into the game later this year. We wanted to let you know today as some Thememaker's Toolkit files will be visible in the game folders after our next update. We also hope this gives you plenty of time to prepare your gaming stations with the necessary tools, or start planning your next creations which will be infused with boundless variety once the feature launches.

We will have even more news for you soon regarding the next Planet Coaster update, but for now: thank you for your ongoing support!

You'll be able to find an FAQ here, if you have any questions.


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