World's Fair Pack Available Now!

World's Fair Pack Available Now!

Celebrate the wonder of global culture and the peak of international park entertainment in the World’s Fair Pack!  Introducing themes and scenery from 10 new countries this pack features two new coasters, one new ride, a bountiful collection of new scenery, and an assortment of items from across the globe. With it come cultural props, giant food signs, fences, path extras, character hats, and 10 new wall set styles based on the new country themes complete with shop panels, doors and roof pieces.

A celebration of international engineering excellence 

The World’s Fair pack introduces two brand new coasters: Polarity and Jixxer & Interceptor.

  • Polarity, is an unmanned rapid transport system that uses magnetic forces to propel the train forward at great speed. This has a unique and flexible track system that aesthetically has a futuristic feel but is equally fitting in most parks.
  • Jixxer & Interceptor, is a duelling duo of launched motorcycle coasters (two separate coasters, same type of coaster). This is a type of high speed hydraulic launched track with riders leaning into the corners in a new seating type as they embark on a high octane motorcycle chase. Are you the good guys or the bad guys?

A globally inspired collection of decorations

Choose from a host of new scenery items based on 10 new multicultural themes and create your very own World’s Fair. Give a cosmopolitan touch to your park with new wall sets, shop panels, doors, roof pieces, cultural props, giant food signs, fences, path extras, and character hats. 

Add variety to your commercial enterprise with a choice of new national brands based on the countries being introduced, which include new shops, new signage, and vending machines. 

A World Music and Audio Showcase 

15 brand new music tracks from JJ Ipsen will give your park international flair. Hear music inspired by the diverse local flavour of the newly added countries. Alongside the new music, there will also be 16 new ambiences for the new regions and 25 new triggered sound effects.

As part of the base game, 8 new triggered sound effects will also be available!


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