Dev Diary #5 - The Guest Brain

Dev Diary #5 - The Guest Brain

Check out our latest Planet Coaster Dev Diary, The Guest Brain. Planet Coaster is the most sophisticated coaster park simulation ever - each visitor has their own ‘guest brain’, making them an expressive individual who thinks, feels and explores your park with their own interests, desires and money.

They even have their own language.

This revolutionary brain lets your park guests individually react to every change you make like never before. Their sophisticated behavior combines with the limitless creative and strategic customization available and unparalleled range of high-quality coasters, rides and themed scenery from the community’s top creators to set a new standard of coaster park gameplay experience.



プラネットコースター 2 - 水しぶきを上げよう

そびえ立つジェットコースターからねじれたウォータースライダーまで、「プラネットコースター 2」でコースターと夢のウォーターパークを作り、究極のテーマパーク体験を創造してください!