Commercial Break Competition Winner: Mountain Woods

Commercial Break Competition Winner: Mountain Woods

Announcing the winner of our Commercial Break Competition: view the Mountain Woods video featuring community star Headcrash's Planet Coaster park!

Between May 15 and June 15, 2017, our community took part in a video competition in which they were asked to create a short commercial for their Planet Coaster parks. The winning entry is this stunning piece of work called Mountain Woods, made by one of our longest-playing community members.

The talented Headcrash has been playing the game since its early Alpha stages. “It’s so much fun to play. I became interested in theme park simulation games many years ago and thought Planet Coaster was a great new chance to get back in to the genre.”

After many hours of building and shaping the park, which is set in a luscious and mountainous environment, Headcrash decided to enter the competition. “I’d always wanted to edit a video about one of my creations, and this was the perfect opportunity. First, I recorded the attractions from many different angles to get all the movements they make – I ended up with a 40-minute long video! It was quite difficult to narrow it down to the best parts and combine it into a commercial... but I’m happy it came together in the end, especially with the addition of the beautiful Planet Coaster soundtrack.”

Our creators are constantly inspired by each other’s work and support each other when building or making videos – a true testament to the vibrant and positive community spirit. The entire Planet Coaster team loved Mountain Woods for its melancholic tones and well-edited style.

Congratulations Headcrash, we sure hope to see more of your work!

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