Planet Coaster 1.4 Anniversary Update

Planet Coaster 1.4 Anniversary Update

Hi coaster friends!

We know you are eagerly awaiting more news on our 1.4 Anniversary Update, announced at this year’s Frontier Expo... With the game’s anniversary on November 17, we’d already hinted that the update would fall around this date. After taking into account some really valuable community feedback we received during and after Frontier Expo, we are happy to tell you that the 1.4 Anniversary Update will make its way to you on November 22, 2017!

Planet Coaster’s 1.4 Anniversary Update follows our free Winter, Spring, and Summer updates with new content, rides, and features. During our fantastic Frontier Expo we already showed you the following things:

  • Scenario Editor – giving you the tools to create your own custom scenarios and share them with the community through Steam Workshop!
  • Three new rides – the Weisshorn (a classic fairground ride), the Hop The Gaps (a rickety side friction ride), and the Cascade (our first water coaster).
  • Staff Management building – a place for your staff to rest and receive training.
  • A host of picnic benches – allowing you to create food courts and plazas!
  • Interchangeable coasters – this lets you switch coaster trains to other types of track allowing for maximum flexibility.

But wait... we’ve got a little bit more!

Firstly, due to much community feedback after the Weisshorn’s reveal at FX2017, we created the Monte Leone. This ride is a smaller and more compact version of the Weisshorn; it has the same mechanical cover and sequences as its bigger brother but it has no roof and a smaller control booth to allow you to customise your own look and feel for the ride.

At Frontier Expo we mentioned one more ride for you, so meet the Zenith coaster! The Zenith is a master class in rollercoaster engineering; it’s a hydraulic launched coaster with a top speed of 175mph that roars vertically up an enormous ‘Top Hat’ element that’s been custom made with a complex support system to include vertical incline and drop rolls for the ultimate thrill for your guests. The train has a sleek, high speed design to make this the complete package.

As well as the much requested picnic benches, you can also decorate your food courts with themed canopies, as well as a few new autumnal trees! We cannot wait to see the beautiful plazas you’ll create.

Last but not least, there are a heap of special management and UI improvements based on your feedback and reports. You’ll get a full list of changes in the upcoming patch notes, but here’s a few notable mentions.

  • Regarding custom biomes, you will now be able to swap the background as you see fit. This will allow you to create whatever vista you want!
  • We are now allowing for custom text on coasters; whatever you decide to name your coaster will now appear on the coaster car.
  • Some updates to triggers will now allow you to toggle objects for a certain time and at certain intervals (e.g. to create strobe lights).
  • We are also adding some kerbs and barriers to our pathing system to allow you to control the flow of guests.

To go into more detail on the Scenario Editor, its possibilities, and all of the UI and management additions, we’ve planned a special livestream on Wednesday November 15 which will feature a live build of the 1.4 Update (do note we will focus on the Scenario Editor only). Lead Programmer Andrew Chappell and Gameplay Programmer Bradley Pollard will tell you all about how it works and what you can achieve with it!

On Wednesday November 22, Lead Artist Sam Denney will join us for the launch day special and will play the update and talk about the process of making it all come together.

We hope you’re all excited, and just want to say thank you again for all your support.

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