Update 1.11 - Carowinds Copperhead Strike & Classic Rides Collection Coming Soon

Update 1.11 - Carowinds Copperhead Strike & Classic Rides Collection Coming Soon

Planet Coaster partners with Carowinds to reveal Copperhead Strike!

The Copperhead Strike, a newly launched coaster at the Carowinds park in North Carolina, USA, will be free for all Planet Coaster players to feature in their parks from 16 April. Faithfully recreated from the original ride blueprints, this twisting and looping coaster train is beautifully themed like an original American hot-rod. The Copperhead Strike packs a real punch with its double launching track layout which boasts an inverted top hat, two 360 loops, a corkscrew, and a unique jojo roll straight out the station. It’s as close as you can get to riding the real thing.

In addition, new premium content, the Classic Rides Collection, will arrive alongside this free update. Inspired by some of the most iconic and classic attractions from fairgrounds and theme parks around the world, Classic Rides Collection comes to Planet Coaster to add a touch of nostalgia and class to your theme parks with nine new rides and coasters plus one variant.

Keep an eye on Planet Coaster social channels for regular ride reveals and further details on the way to launch on 16 April.

In the meantime, watch the brand new trailer for the Copperhead Strike below:

The Classic Rides Collection* will be available to purchase from Steam or the Frontier Store for £7.99 ($10.99, €10.99).

*Please note that you need to have the Planet Coaster game (sold separately) in order to download and play this extra content.

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