Adventure Pack DLC coming 18 December!

Adventure Pack DLC coming 18 December!

Though some parts of the world are getting colder and snowier this time of year, we’re getting ready to move into the humid, green, lush jungle atmosphere with the all-new Planet Coaster Adventure Pack! Put on your hiking boots and grab your binoculars, because we want to show you something spectacular...

On December 18, 2017 we are releasing the awesome Adventure Pack for you to get creative with; our newest paid content pack is specifically catered for those who love jungle-themed journeys, wild animals, and feral nature. The content pack contains three brand new rides: the Gold Fever, a mine coaster which will take your guests through the most mysterious places and curious caves; the Island Adventure, a high capacity boat ride designed to work on large bodies of water and inspired by the old steamers used to explore the rivers in newly discovered lands in the 1930s; and the Land Ahoy, the Island Adventure’s little sister with the added benefit of not requiring a body of water to be built on as it has its own custom channel.

We’ve also got a brand-new adventure-themed wall set and both static and animated wall attachments, special effects, shop and path extras, doors, fences, animated scenery and triggered coaster doors, signs, and a new face joining the entertainer crew: Renee Feu – she’s truly the queen of this jungle!

The Adventure Pack is filled with awesome stuff that lets you create your own pyramids, temples, and other jungle structures. Lure your guests into ancient traps and have them encounter some truly scary creatures including crocodiles, hippos, or even mummies! Many of the pieces are flexi-colour and come in different shapes and sizes.

In addition to the paid content, we are releasing a small free update to all players which includes some quality of life improvements for core players such as UI improvements and vista points, where your guests can gather for the loveliest photo opportunities!

The Planet Coaster Adventure Pack is completely optional for you to purchase – you can get it from Steam or the Frontier Store for £7.99. Please note that you need to have the Planet Coaster base game in order to download and play this extra content.

Are you ready for an adventure?!

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