Cause a Scene! Planet Coaster’s Scenario Editor Competition Winners

Cause a Scene! Planet Coaster’s Scenario Editor Competition Winners

The Scenario Editor was a game-changing feature added to Planet Coaster with its recent Anniversary Update. Players now have the power in their hands to create their very own custom scenarios, with all the building and management tools at your disposal. We asked you to come up with an original, creative, and challenging custom scenario as part of our Scenario Editor competition, Cause a Scene! Please have a look at the amazing winners below:

Island Hopping by Tinwelende

"Captain Lockjaw has stumbled upon some adorable islands and decided to turn them into an amusement park. Unfortunately his treasure chest is now empty, so he needs a hand to produce some proper revenue. It’s up to you to turn this ship around! Tinwelende did a fabulous job with this tropical park, creating a lush little village on one of the thriving islands and laying down the groundwork for a blooming new theme park."

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Grand Valley by Boochoo

"In the middle of this beautiful valley lies an aging theme park... and we need to modernise it to attract more guests! Reach a total park value of $160,000 and a scenery rank of 990 to ace the objectives! Using the autumnal trees and minimising the space of the park, Boochoo really challenges you to make the best of this hidden gem within the forests of Grand Valley."

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Snow Dune Valley by HeadCrash

"After an investor has lost interest in Snow Dune Valley, the park falls into your hands. Can you build coasters and rides to attract new guests, and achieve a total park value of $130,000? HeadCrash certainly knows how to challenge you in this icy area; we dare you to turn up the heat in this little snow village."

Thanks to all the community members who participated and sent in their fabulous scenarios!

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