Thememaker's Toolkit is Available Now!

Thememaker's Toolkit is Available Now!

Today we are thrilled to announce that the Thememaker's Toolkit is now available for everyone!

The Thememaker's Toolkit is here to let you unleash your creative minds and enhance your parks with bespoke models and scenery of your own design.

It is free to use and will convert your 3D models into Planet Coaster scenery pieces that can then be placed in your parks and/or shared on the Steam Workshop for everyone to enjoy.

Go to the Thememaker's Toolkit website now to start bringing your own 3D models into the game! 

To learn more about how to use the Thememaker's Toolkit, please check out our User Guide or read our comprehensive FAQ.

Planet Coaster 2 - Tauche ein

Von hoch aufragenden Achterbahnen bis hin zu kurvenreichen Wasserrutschen – baue ein Achterbahn- und Wasserparkparadies und erschaffe den ultimativen Freizeitpark in Planet Coaster 2!