Planet Coaster - 1.12.1 Update Notes

Ghostbusters Fixes

  • Fixed max number of Ghostbusters in bonus park, now able to place all 4
  • Fixed crash for when Shooting Ride Coaster Car reaches end of an incomplete track
  • Fixed crash when loading certain parks
  • Fixed crash when trying to running the game on PC's with a large amount of Cores

Guest Improvements

  • Guests now react to fireworks that are connected to a sequencer

Staff Improvements

  • Staff now head to the staff building when you choose to train them, rather than waiting for their energy to drop
  • Updated vendor and mechanic rest requirements. They now recover faster, and energy drains slower.
  • Reduced the happiness change on mechanics when they are tired
  • Increased security guards ability to detect pickpockets

Ride Improvements

  • Performance optimizations to the Skies Chairlift
  • Improvements to the Skies Chairlift/Gondola collision
  • Groups larger than the coaster cars seating capacity no long queue for the ride
  • Corrected Left/Right Camera controls on the Sky Temple

TMTK fixes

  • Crash fix for when unsubscribing from an TMTK item in the steam window

Research Improvements and fixes

  • DLC scenery, rides and buildings pieces are now included in research packs in the scenario editor, allowing players to lock content out of their scenarios.
  • DLC entertainers are now included in the relevant research packs, rather than the generic planet coaster research pack.
  • Festive scenery and building pieces are now correctly part of the festive scenery research pack.

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