Planet Coaster: Console Edition - 1.4.1 Update Notes

Hello Coaster friends!

We hope everyone out there is doing well and that you've continuing to enjoy Planet Coaster: Console Edition! It's been great fun seeing all the player made parks, coasters and blueprints that you have shared with us since launch in November. Don't forget to upload what you make to the Frontier Workshop to share it with the rest of the PlanCo Fam.

The next update for Planet Coaster: Console Edition is here! The team has been hard at work addressing critical bugs and crash issues submitted by the community, so thank you so much for keeping us informed about your experiences. This update should address the crash issues our Xbox audience have been experiencing recently, but we will continue working with the platform holders to investigate this further. If you are still experiencing these issues, please let us know via our forums and via our issue tracker so our support staff can look into it.

Without further ado, here are the Update Notes for 1.4.1:

Platform version numbers:

  • PlayStation 4 - 01.11
  • PlayStation 5 - 01.010.000
  • Xbox - 1.4.1


  • Various performance optimisations.
  • Various stability/crash fixes.

User Interface (UI)

  • Various UI styling changes for consistency across the game.
  • Altered the loan repayment flow.
  • Triggered speaker info panel now opens as expected.
  • AutoTunnel has now been enabled automatically after issues with it not being available at all. 
  • Added instructional tooltips to "screen setup" screen.
  • Fixed icons used in guest info panel when guests think about rides/coasters.
  • Frontier Workshop blueprints now use the Frontier Workshop icon.
  • Fix for UI jumping to normal track when station parameter changes.
  • Fixed issue where radial menu in multiselect mode would sometimes be greyed out.
  • The arrows for collapsible sections now follow UI convention.
  • Stopped shop lifetime profit turning green when negative.
  • Fixed UI inconsistency with "Terms and Conditions" screen.
  • Small "time speed" controls UI tweak.
  • Fixed default focused button on advanced rotate panel.
  • Staff Buildings are no longer considered "Shops & Facilities" on the Park Management screen.
  • Fixed crash due to Radial menu showing incorrect options.
  • Surface move transform gizmo now disappears when placing "Create" assets.
  • Improved performance of live bar elements, drastically reducing stutter.
  • Fixed a sorting error in Park Management.
  • Removed some options in settings which did not function as explained.
  • Multi-select UI no longer shown when info pop-up is showing in building edit mode.
  • Research tooltip now correctly shows expected cost.
  • Fixed crash when quickly opening two parks before the loading screen appeared.
  • More safety checks added around the placement panel taking focus from all other UI.
  • Fixed an issue with unit type changes not having an immediate effect on coaster values.
  • Stopped erroneous steppers from showing up in info panels.
  • Swapping colours on triggers in the sequence editor now works as expected.
  • Fixed issue with multiple menus opening over one another.
  • Fixed a crash when revealing research in a challenge park.
  • Disconnecting hotel rooms will no longer disconnect non-selected rooms.
  • Fixed sorting by name in Park Management Attractions and Shops screens.
  • Better handling of opening pause menu when placing objects.
  • Updated the work roster flow to be less confusing.
  • Fixed sort orders in Park Management columns.


  • RideCam is properly re-enabled after leaving tutorial.
  • Changed camera movement speed to be consistent across all platforms.
  • Fixed a softlock when entering Staff Camera while selected guest was picked up.
  • Entering the terrain with the camera will no longer cause the camera to get stuck.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to enter a ride cam on a seat which doesn't exist.
  • Backing out of track preview will no longer cause the camera to get stuck.
  • Pausing the game while in advanced move/rotate will no longer cause object movement break when raising/lowering the camera.


  • Fixed a rare crash when removing items from display groups in the trigger sequencer.
  • You can now hide/show on-screen hints.
  • 'Save building' button on hotels, restaurants, and their rooms will now work as expected.
  • Players can now use the Park Management staff list to rehire staff.
  • When the player is in Coaster Editing and hasn't selected a track piece, the game can now be paused.
  • Removed clear selection mode from multi-select panel, as the functionality was duplicated.
  • Added keyboard prompt to hide UI in Ridecam.
  • No more Jumping/ Delay when using sliders in TrackEditMode.
  • Settings fix to aid players who had turned on Global Vertical Snapping and could not turn it off.


  • Various Frontier Workshop fixes, both game side and server side.
  • Fixed a crash caused by users being able to download corrupt parks from the Workshop.

Rides & Facilities

  • Wait time of interactive rides no longer reverts to 3s after changing it in info panel.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the coaster tutorial when building a coaster.
  • Screens triggered by track triggers will now stay on for 3s (the default time) instead of flicking off after 0.1s.
  • Fixed custom rides being unaffordable in custom sandbox parks.
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by quickly placing multiple staff buildings.
  • Fixed a crash when selecting a trigger speaker which is connected to a ride.

Scenery & Blueprints

  • You can no longer ungroup locked buildings to edit them.
  • Fixed a crash when object height is snapped at the start of grid placement.
  • Fixed an issue with objects moving great distances when the camera is moved a certain way.
  • Fixed a crash when deleting some pre-placed buildings in some career levels.
  • Fix for blueprints being placed underground when advanced move/rotate is active

Staff & Guests

  • Implemented a number of crowd fixes and optimisations.
  • Work rosters now have character limits.
  • Staff can now be placed even when the Oswald-Eugene Counter has reached 100%.
  • Guests will no longer hover on spiral stairs.
  • When descending spiralled paths, guests will no longer hop above or dip below the path.


  • Time of day now persists between park loads.
  • Fixed an issue when loading parks where the 'Inspect Guest Thoughts' condition in the 'Make a profit' objective has been completed.

Text & Localisation

  • Fixed multi-line issue on start menu buttons in German.
  • Localisation update to avoid truncation of some strings.
  • Fixed some grammatical errors.
  • Fixed management staff member training tooltips running off-screen.
  • The button prompt on in-game notifications no longer has overlapping issues.
  • Fixed text regarding loan durations.
  • Multiple localisation edits.


  • Increased number of save slots available.
  • Autosaves now update their timestamps properly.
  • Made a change to autosave behaviour.

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