Planet Coaster - 1.12.3 Update Notes

Ghostbusters Fixes

  • Fixed soft-lock if rotating a ride and when the Challenge Menu appears
  • Fix to validate challenges in challenge mode
  • Added Max Ghost level slider to allow players to set the level of ghosts that appear in Sandbox
  • Added option to disable Ghosts haunting rides in Sandbox
  • Story Park gameplay balancing and optimisations
  • Bonus Park gameplay balancing and optimisations
  • Stopped Ghost sounds playing after they have been captured
  • Animation improvements to the Ghost scare animatronic
  • Improved clarity of the Ride Scenery objective
  • Stay Puft Marshmallow man foot now appears when filtering for Ghostbusters content
  • Ghostbusters Swing sign now appears in the Scenery tab
  • Prevent challenge from appearing during Gozer finale
  • Added placement audio to Gozer temple gargoyle and statue platform
  • Increase scenery rating for various Gozer temple assets
  • Adjusted the cost of Ecto-1

Guest Improvements

  • Fix for guests getting stuck in scared by ghost state after completing the Story
  • Guests no longer get trapped at the entrance of haunted rides

Shooting Ride Improvements

  • Fixed crash when deleting Shooting Ride
  • Fixed cursor related crash in Shooting Ride
  • Improved performance of aiming cursor
  • Added Score and Combo text prompts

Building Improvements

  • Fixed Firehouse floodlight direction
  • Various Facade scaffolding improvements

Localisation Fixes

  • Various text and subtitle improvements

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