Planet Coaster - 1.12.4 Update Notes

New Features

  • Added an option to allow linking of shootable targets to triggered items on The Ghostbusters Experience and Quick Draw - This allows you to shoot a target and/or ghost and set off a sequence of effects and animatronics, opening up a whole extra dimension of customization for your shooting rides!
  • Added an option to disable the scenery hitcheck for shooting on The Ghostbusters Experience and Quick Draw - Now you can place your targets inside tight areas while still allowing them to be hit, or even hide them away to set up secret bonus targets.
  • Added a toggle to Sandbox mode to allow ghosts to scare guests without causing them to run away or lose happiness

Ghostbusters fixes

  • Added advertised destinations on the Ghostbuster DLC signs
  • Adjusted the sandbox version of "Who Ya Gonna Call?" to remove haunted ride when it starts

Ride fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Infinite coaster would incorrectly stop on the over-vertical drop when using block sections
  • Increased the maximum train length for the SLV, Vector and Tiamat coasters
  • Fixed an issue where shoot-able targets would be missing an icon in the ride trigger editor

General Fixes

  • Fixed small bushes, shrubs and flowers to be selected with a left click
  • Updated a streetlamp scenery piece so it rotates around it's center
  • Challenges completed in the story mode contribute towards Steam achievements
  • Potential fix for a freeze when using the Advanced Move tool
  • Numerous crash fixes

Localisation fixes

  • Various text improvements

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