Planet Coaster: Console Edition - 1.3.2 Update Notes

Hayo PlanCo Fam!

We hope you've been enjoying Planet Coaster: Console Edition on both current and next-gen consoles! It’s been incredible seeing all of your awesome blueprints and parks on the Frontier Workshop, as well as your fantastic screenshots and videos online - show us what you’ve been working on so far, below.

Thanks for making us aware of the issues you've been experiencing. We appreciate all the Issue Tracker reports and contributions, as they have been super helpful in identifying issues. With that being said, here are the changes coming with Update 1.3.2:

Platform version numbers:

  • PlayStation 4 - 01.05
  • PlayStation 5 - 01.004
  • Xbox - 1.3.2


Added fixes for various crashes, including:

  • Crash when cycling through seats on the on-ride camera for the Grand Carousel
  • Crash when adding a trigger sequence to a coaster and then backing out to the Main Menu
  • Crash when attempting to save a park containing over 3,000 Display Sequencers
  • Crash when reaching page 9 of the Workshop browser
  • Crash when deleting a sequencer while previewing audio
  • Crash when spamming the Esc key on a keyboard while in a Career park


  • The UI now behaves as expected when adjusting the time of day while the Filters panel is open
  • Added a multi-select button on the main UI
  • The “Active Perks” tab on the Hotel Info Panel now displays active perks
  • The text for "Luxury Rooms" is no longer all in capital letters when you first select a Hotel
  • The number of occupied rooms in a Hotel will now reduce correctly if you remove rooms as guests are using them
  • The sun icon in the time display will now change to a moon when it's night time
  • Time adjustment can no longer be used while in the pause menu


  • Added a brush size adjustment to the path delete tool
  • Fixed an issue where the terrain painting tool cursor was smaller than the actual area being painted
  • Removed erroneous back button when in Delete Path mode and using a grid


  • Fix for an issue where the "My Uploads" page could be limited to 50 items
  • Fix for an issue where the item description would never load while uploading a Blueprint or park

Rides & Facilities

  • Broken vending machines can no longer be opened and can now be fixed by mechanics
  • On ride cameras will no longer snap back to the center as soon as you let go of the stick
  • Fixed an issue where coasters and track rides could be placed underground
  • The shooting ride now has a reticle when using a mouse in Free Aim mode
  • The go-karts now have working horns when you're driving them
  • Open rides can now be deleted from all expected areas of the UI
  • The Shooting Ride score fanfare now has matching audio
  • Vending and Claw Machines no longer have a vendor salary

Scenery & Blueprints

  • City Downtown Shop Shell 3’s icon now matches the Blueprint
  • The Confetti Cannon now shoots confetti when set to play "Every X Seconds"
  • The Catherine Wheel firework can now be previewed correctly
  • The Pearl Multi Launch Large Firework will no longer take operating costs without firing
  • Hotel Blueprints are now included within the "Main Game" filter
  • Guests will no longer bang their heads on the boiler on the Luna Autos Blueprint

Staff & Guests

  • Vendors will no longer walk on the spot if fired when there is no path in front of their shop
  • Mechanics will no longer appear as "Idle" when repairing a vending machine
  • Guests will now walk at normal speed rather than slowing down until they reach a ride queue
  • Guests will no longer stop in the middle of the path for no apparent reason

Text & Localisation

  • Text in the Park Management screen is no longer truncated in some languages when a staff member has been fired
  • "Dynamite Crate" item is now correctly capitalised


  • Fixed the “Challenge Veteran” and “Challenge Experience” Achievements/Trophies to ensure they unlock correctly each time
  • 'Plipcam' can now be moved around with a controller

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