Planet Coaster: Console Edition - 1.3.3 Update Notes

Hayo coaster friends!

We hope you have been enjoying Planet Coaster: Console Edition! We've loved seeing what people have been creating, and we can't believe how many creations are already on the Frontier Workshop! Thanks to everyone who has shared their creations with us, and their fellow PlanCo Fam!

The team have been hearing your feedback, and reading the Issue Tracker, so thank you for sharing your pesky bugs with us! We're now ready to release Update 1.3.3 - please continue to share your Issue Tracker reports with us!

Here are the Update Notes for 1.3.3:

Platform version numbers:

  • PlayStation 4 - 01.06
  • PlayStation 5 - 01.005
  • Xbox - 1.3.3


Added fixes for various crashes, including:

  • Crash when changing the track piece on a transport ride as the ride train is going over it
  • Crash when editing filters in the Workshop
  • Crash in the crowd simulation system
  • Crash when exiting the Workshop on the loading screen multiple times
  • Crash when deleting a scenery piece in a building that isn't the one you are currently editing
  • Crash when confirming advertising for an Info Booth
  • Crash when deleting or undoing placement of rides when heatmap was showing
  • (Xbox Series X|S) Crash when resuming from connected standby and attempting to enter career mode 


  • Added a "Categories" button prompt above the Browser to make it more clear how you access the Browser Categories panel
  • Added controller hints to the main menu
  • Fix for an issue with camera movement when exiting the Display Camera view for the first time in a game session
  • Updating the launch time on a sequencer group can now be undone correctly
  • Coaster test results will now correctly update to your specified units of measurement
  • Chain lift speed will now show in your specified units of measurement


  • Fix for an issue where you could become blocked from progressing during the multi-select step in the tutorial
  • Fixed an issue where Move Snap axes could become misaligned


  • When uploading an item to the Workshop the warning will now say "Upload" rather than "Update"
  • Filters can now be reset when searching for items
  • Players can now view all parks they are subscribed to in the Parks Panel from the main menu, instead of a selection up to 50

Rides & Facilities

  • The Zenith coaster now has Top Hat track pieces available under the "Non Inverted" tab 

Scenery & Blueprints

  • Added the ability to change the colours of multiples of the same item within a selection
  • Updated the names of some of the barrier items to make it clear that they can be used to block guests
  • Fix for an issue where Ambient Speaker audio can change between placements
  • Bins, benches, and vista points can now be rotated gradually by holding LB/L1 or RB/R1
  • Blueprint previews will now show special effects

Staff & Guests

  • Fix for an issue where guests could suddenly become "lost" on pathways
  • Guests no longer become stuck momentarily when placing path extras
  • Fix for guests becoming stuck when connecting pathways to/from rides and facilities
  • Fixed an issue where guests could be blocked from entering the Silversmith Manor scenario
  • Fixed a visual issue with guests appearing to float when descending down spiralled paths
  • Fixed an issue with Mechanics sometimes not finding broken vending machines


  • Updated the credits

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