Planet Coaster: Console Edition - 1.5.3 Update Notes

Hayo Coaster friends!

We've loved seeing all the wonderful blueprints on the Frontier Workshop from our fantastic Planco Fam. We recently held a creator competition showcasing some of the work, check it out on Twitter, here.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition continues to be monitored with our internal data and your reports from the issue tracker, and our awesome team has managed to squish a few more pesky bugs and smooth over some stability issues!

Here are the patch notes for Update 1.5.3:

Platform version numbers

  • PlayStation 4 - 01.16
  • PlayStation 5 - 01.015.000
  • Xbox - 1.5.3


  • Fixed a crash caused by trying to move track editing widgets which have ceased to exist.
  • Fixed a crash caused when trying to add an exit gate to a station which is too small to support one.
  • Fixed an occasional hard lock when there is no space for entrance or exit gates to be placed.
  • Fixed a crash on trying to select the button to pay off a loan twice.
  • Various other rare crash fixes.


  • Ride info panels now displays the correct "hire mechanic" or "request inspection" button depending on context.


  • Achievements should now be awarded on Xbox platforms even if they were originally achieved offline.

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